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WY Field Trip - Wind Farm - Links


3 kids clipartEnjoy Wind with Miller, an animated website for kids. Get a grasp of wind power knowledge. Produced by the Danish Wind Industry Association in 2001 with support from the Danish Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Education it also contains a number of educational practical activities and a teacher's guide.

Check out the Wind Turbine simulator and other activities for Grades 6-8. Make a Wind Sock.
Students can build a turbine and test the factors through an internet activity.

turbine clipartDive into Energy Quest for Kids! Read The Energy Story about Wind Energy from the California Energy Commission.

The Bonneville Educational Foundation brings you: What is your carbon footprint?? Do you want to shrink it? Play the games , learn tips, enjoy the activities and begin to understand how you can help change your habits.

question marksHow many turbines does it take to make 1 MW? Find the answer at Wind Web Tutorial from American wind Energy Association.
All About Energy A great website proving that Energy Education is Fun!!! From Florida Power and Light

Energy Kids Page, from the Energy Information Administration, with Facts, Fun and Games, History,

Activities and a Glossary.

Watch the slide show on renewable energy.

Learn the meanings of Energy Slang

Check it out clipart

wow clipartAt Alliant Energy Wind Power you'll find a diagram that shows some of the pieces and parts inside a wind turbine.

Make your own Wind Power toys and Read some Fun Facts About Renewable Energy.

Play an Energy in Motion Wind Power Game. Find out how much you know about wind power.

*'''Description:''' Wind towers at Tehachapi Pass, California Source: English Wikipedia, original upload 6 April 2004 by Kerberos en:

The Kid Wind Project is committed to innovative energy education. There are sections for students to learn about wind energy and lesson plans for teachers.

The Power Point Presentations are very informative: Wind Energy 101, Wind Farm Visualization, Energy in the wind, and Wind Turbine Blade Design are only a few available.

Build a classroom wind turbine.

question marksWind Power Myths and Facts Get all the answers as you become an expert!
Climate Change for kids. What is it? and Can you make a difference?
turbine clipartKids saving energy Energetic things for all those who want to save energy.

ridgesmkbCheck out photos of the Altamont Pass wind farm which was built in 1981 and has about 4,000 turbines.

Don't miss these photos of Wind Turbines.

Discover the Wind Farm Animation.

Read about Renewable Energy from the
Franklin Institute Science Museum

Farm wind turbinePBS Online News Hour Science Reports:

As Wind Power Usage Grows, Wind Farms Expand.

Discover the Basics of Wind Power from US Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program

Wind Turbine Animation

turbine clipartFollow the Guided Tour on Wind Energy and all these
Renewable Energy Field Trips

Wyoming Students
Description: wind turbines at the Middelgrunden wind farm off Copenhagen, Denmark Source: English Wikipedia, original upload by uploaded by Less Salty http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File: Peace_wind_offshore.jpg
Photos of Onshore, and Offshore Wind Farms

Videos of wind turbines being built:


Student Resources WIND ENERGY Build your own Wind Turbine for Grades 7-12 - pdf.

Re-Energy.ca is a free renewable energy project kit that explores wind, water, solar, and biomass energy. The website provides background information, learning activities, resources and links. Discover how the science and technology can be applied to social and environmental issues.


Teach Engineering Resources for K-12 Students learn about wind energy by making a pinwheel to model a wind turbine. Grade 4

Teacher Guide for Energy Kids Page, from the Energy Information Administration.

Teacher Guide for Wind With Miller

Energy Information and Curriculum for Teachers from the National Energy Education Development(NEED) Project,activities, facts, connection to Science standards

Elementary Wind Activity

Intermediate Activities

Energy Infobooks from the Need Project

Teacher Guide for the Play: Harry Spotter and the Chamber of Windy Myths

The New Wind Turbine - Intermediate Article

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is the site for the U.S. Department of Energy's lab for renewable energy research and development. It includes many links to other sites and activities.

turbine clipartWind Energy Basics

Wind Research

Teachers' Domain, an online library of more than 1,000 free digital media resources from public television for the classroom and Professional Development, has many wind energy links.

turbine clipartPennsylvania Energy: Wind, Windmill gallery.

Continue to Resources for Teachers for more ideas.

American Wind Energy Association This Web site has a well-written section of FAQ's as well as references to more technical applications of wind energy.
Repower America:a bold plan to Repower America with 100% clean electricity within 10 years.