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WY Field Trip - Wind Farm - Video


Wyoming Field TripWe wanted to capture some of the fun and excitement of a field trip with upper elementary students.  We wanted to see if we could share the best of what was experienced and learned with other kids.  We wanted to provide some engaging and informative web activities and information for students to explore.  And we wanted to highlight science and technology that was local, here in Wyoming.

Working with the FIRST Lego League at Oregon Trail School in Casper we did it! Finally, that is, after having to postpone due to weather twice. We visited 2 kW wind turbines at the VFW site near Casper, a special kW wind turbine designed specifically for teaching Casper College students at the RMOTC Teapot Dome site, and Rocky Mountain Power’s Glenrock wind farm with 1.5 MW turbines. At some times it seemed there wasn’t enough wind and it was simply too hot.  At other times, there was just too much wind! But that is the way it often is with wind, right?

Wyoming Field TripA Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant to Wyoming PBS to develop and promote science, technology, engineering and math gave us the resources for this first Wyoming Fieldtrip to wind farms.  We’re hoping we can do more.  Do you have an idea for a cool fieldtrip here in Wyoming?  Tell us about it!

It was a full day for our eight students, who were good sports about all the driving, and a lot of fun to work with. A special shout-out to them! (If you’re going on this fieldtrip on the web, be happy that you are missing out on almost five hours of driving!).


Sincere thanks to all those who helped make our Wyoming Field Trip a success.