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Charitable Remainder Trusts

A charitable remainder trust is a way to make a gift to the Wyoming PBS Foundation that allows you to retain income from your property for life or for another period of time that you specify. Your funds are held separately and invested for payment of a fixed or variable income to you and/or someone else you name. Such payments may be a welcome supplement to your retirement plan. Ensuring management of assets is another benefit of the plan. When the trust ends (at the death of the income recipient or at the end of the period of time you specified,) whatever remains in the trust is distributed to the WPTV Foundation. A tax deduction is allowed at the time you create your trust. The size of the deduction depends on the beneficiary age(s), payment percentage and other factors.

There are many types of charitable trusts but the two most common are the unitrust and the annuity trust. The unitrust provides a flexible rate of return and can have additional gifts added to it from time to time. The annuity trust provides a fixed, guaranteed income and cannot be added to once the initial gift is made.

If you truly appreciated the quality programming of WPTV, a generous contribution of this type will help ensure quality program offerings for years to come. The funds will be invested in the Wyoming PBS Endowment. If you feel the quality and variety of Wyoming PBS contributes to your life and that of your loved ones, you may wish to include the WPTV Foundation in your estate plans.

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