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Retirement Plans

Retirement plans may provide a convenient way to make what could be a very meaningful gift to Wyoming PBS. If you have an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), a tax-sheltered annuity, a Keogh plan or a company retirement or profit-sharing plan, you have taken a major step toward secure retirement years. Funds in these plans are typically earmarked for you and your loved one's use. Should you or your other beneficiaries no longer need these funds, you can name the Wyoming PBS Foundation to receive all or part of what remains and at the same time you may receive a tax deduction and other benefits for your generosity.

Here's how one generous donor was able to use funds from his retirement plan for the benefit of public broadcasting.

Throughout his working years, this donor was always very careful about preparing for his retirement. He saved as much as he could each month so that he and his wife could live comfortably on the proceeds of his retirement accounts. After the unexpected death of his wife, he concluded that his retirement funds had grown to a point well beyond his needs. In talking to his advisors, he learned that retirement account assets willed to his children would be subject to much higher taxation than other assets. So he decided to make a significant tax-deductible gift of his excess assets to his local public television station in memory of his wife. He was particularly gratified to know that some of the funds he had saved so carefully could be used to support an organization that his wife had appreciated throughout her life.

"We always enjoyed planning for our 'golden years'. We also knew that not everything works out the way you plan it or want it. But we were blessed in that we had the resources to enjoy the life we had together and, quite frankly, it's a tremendous enjoyment for me to make this gift to WPTV.

"My wife had her favorite programs and she'd always have little things to tell me about what she'd listened to that day. It was almost a routine - I'd come home and she'd have coffee ready and we'd relax together for a few moments telling each other about our days. I think by making this gift to WPTV I'm enabling other couples, perhaps a lot like us, to have similar moments together. I think my wife would want me to do this, I know I want to do it and my advisors showed me what good sense it made taxwise."

After he contacted the station, our planned giving advisor met with him and his advisors to make sure everything was set up properly. Calculations were made to show the effect of the gift on his projected annual income and his estate in various scenarios and, when he was satisfied all the bases had been covered, the changes were easily made to support WPTV.

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