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Real Estate

When you give real estate to the Wyoming PBS Foundation such as your residence, a farm, ranch or other types of real property, you may deduct the full fair market value (ordinarily determined by a qualified real estate appraiser) on your federal tax return and avoid capital gains on the difference between what you paid for the property and its present value. The ceiling on deductibility is 30 percent of adjusted gross income, with a five-year carryover for any part of the gift which exceeds the 30 percent ceiling.

The WPTV Foundation is indeed interested in receiving property as a gift. The arrangements can be easily made and, upon the donor's death, the Wyoming PBS Foundation becomes the owner of the property. At this time, the WPTV Foundation puts the property up for sale and the proceeds from the sale are invested in the WPTV Foundation's endowment fund ensuring that we continue to be able to fulfill our mission to the people of Wyoming. As a result of gifts like this, you can make a mark on your community that will never be forgotten.

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