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Foyle's War VII "Sunflower"

Airs Sunday, September 29 at 8:00 PM

Foyle is asked to protect Karl Strasser,a former Nazi officer masquerading as a Dutch citizen and now working with MI5 to catch Russian spies.Strasser believes he is being followed and that he is in danger. American colonel Jackson wants Strasser in connection with a war-time atrocity known as Operation Sunflower in which the German's patrol shot unarmed allied servicemen. The sole survivor,Tommy Nelson recognizes Strasser and follows him but when Strasser is killed by a car bomb Foyle finds no shortage of other suspects,including the landlady and fellow tenants at his lodgings,who knew who he was as well as Tommy and the Americans. Meanwhile Adam gets involved with a farmer battling the government to return his land and accusing a cabinet minister of conspiracy. His use of Sam to look into the matter leads him to learn a bitter political lesson but at least she has good news for him.

MI5 head Sir Alec Meyerson asks Foyle to take on the case of SS intelligence officer Karl Strasser who now works for MI5 in identifying Russian spies. He poses as a Dutch art expert and teaches at a university in London but he believes he is being followed and fears for his life. He's also been receiving phone calls where the caller hangs up as soon as he answers. Now he's received a bullet in the mail. It turns out the Americans want to get their hands on him and several others, including other lodgers at his boarding house and an invalid war veteran, are also out to get him. Foyle isn't lacking suspects therefore when Strasser is killed by a car bomb. Adam Wainwright meanwhile decides to help out a farmer, Geoffrey Halliwell, whose land was appropriated just prior to the war but was promised that he could buy it back when it's no longer required. The value of the land has doubled however and Halliwell thinks there's a fiddle going on.

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