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PBS Previews

PBS Previews

National Parks: America's Best Idea - "Great Nature" (1933-1945)

PBS Previews "National Parks: America's Best Idea -
Airs Friday, September 6 at 8:00 PM

As the 1920s ended, the United States was about to enter two of the most frightening decades of the 20th century. An economic cataclysm would threaten the foundation of American society, and a war would threaten the existence of freedom throughout the world.

During those dark years, the national parks would both thrive and undergo a series of dramatic changes. A new president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, would vastly expand the number of parks and transform the very notion of what a national park could be. And a young biologist, George Melendez Wright, would insist that the preservation of wildlife is as important as the preservation of scenery.

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