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PBS Special

PBS Special

SAVING THE OCEANS - Swordfish: Part 2

PBS Special "SAVING THE OCEANS -  Swordfish: Part 2"
Airs Tuesday, April 30 at 10:00 PM

For a few weeks of the year, fishermen from the remote villages of southern Nova Scotia take their small boats a hundred miles offshore to the fishing grounds of Georges Bank.
They're searching for a couple of dark fins showing in a vast ocean, fins belonging to a potentially rich prize - an adult swordfish, maybe 300 pounds or so, basking on the surface. They'll run the fish down, harpoon it and pull it aboard. This was how swordfish were always caught throughout the Northeast US and Canada, but the Nova Scotia harpoon fishers are now almost the last of their breed. The fish that they hunt, however, are doing just fine. Swordfish off the Eastern Seaboard are the only big fish in the world that are more abundant now than 20 years ago, thanks to good regulation and consumer pressure. In this 2-parter, we tell the story of how it happened, as host Carl Safina goes out to the swordfish grounds with Larry, skipper of the Four Ladies, and his crew Hoss and Shawn.

Watch Swordfish! Part 2 on PBS. See more from Saving the Ocean.