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Wyoming Perspectives

Wyoming Perspectives

Wyoming and the Second Amendment

Wyoming Perspectives "Wyoming and the Second Amendment"
Airs Saturday, July 6 at 6:00 PM

As the national debate over gun rights continues in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings, Wyoming PBS presents an hour-long live call-in program "Wyoming and the Second Amendment" originally aired on Thursday, April 25, 2013.

The program will emphasize understanding the issues such as the divide between gun owners and gun control advocates, whether new laws are needed, the true dimension of gun violence and its roots, how to avoid the politics that make any progress possible, and new ways to work toward reducing the number of needless firearms deaths including mental health reforms. We will look at attitudes towards guns in Wyoming and how this state ranks in preventing gun violence.



Richard Ager, the host of Wyoming Chronicle, hosts and moderates. The panel guests are Dr. Phil Roberts, history professor at the University of Wyoming and author of a recent opinion in Wyofile.com about the history of regulating guns in Wyoming towns.

Our second guest is Dan Baum, the author of the new book "Gun Guys: A Road Trip". Here's how he described it in his Wall St. Journal interview, "I recently drove 15,000 miles around the country... talking to gun guys in their homes and garages, at gun shows and ranges, at gun stores and in the woods, trying to figure out why they are so deeply attracted to firearms and why guns inspire such passion on all sides. In part, it was a voyage of self-discovery. I'm a weirdo hybrid: a lifelong gun guy who is also a lifelong liberal Democrat. I often feel like the child of a bitter divorce who has allegiance to both parents."

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