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General Series

World War II: Saving the Reality

General Series "World War II: Saving the Reality"
Airs Sunday, November 11 at 09:00 PM

A One-Hour High Definition (HD) Documentary Film based on the amazing interactive book by Museum of World War II founder Ken Rendell, owner of the largest private collection of WWII artifacts in the world.

Narrated by: Dan Aykroyd.

Overview: For over 40 years Ken Rendell has been preserving historical artifacts related to the greatest struggle in mankind, World War II. Rendell owns the largest private collection of original World War II items in the world and is much sought after for his expertise in the area of the Second World War and the lessons it continues to teach us.
Rendell just recently completed a best-selling book on his collection (one of Amazon dot com's most popular selections in 2009 and now into 2010) using his amazing artifacts on display to tell the history of the war through a unique interactive format rarely seen when WWII is written about. The goal of this documentary film is to take that same creativity and draw out the Museum of World War II visually for the television viewer and DVD watcher and to emphasize that even though his museum is full of priceless artifacts from war, Rendell's mission is one of education and preservation.

The film will also chronicle the stories of WWII veterans and, by utilizing Ken Rendell's thousands of artifacts, tie that veteran back to a place or time period when they fought and served, i.e. Normandy, the Pacific, Italy, Germany etc. The film will also focus on events such as the Holocaust, Battle of Britain, life in the POW camps and the end of WWI and the rise of Nazism.