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Alan K. Simpson

Alan K. Simpson

Nothing Else Matters

Alan K. Simpson "Nothing Else Matters"
Airs Saturday, March 16 at 8:00 PM

Wyoming's former Senator Al Simpson relates the history of his famous family, from the Civil War to his father Milward, who served Wyoming as both a governor and a senator. Al Simpson was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1979, and served for two decades.

In this documentary, he describes his career in Washington DC and afterward, with the help of friends and colleagues including former Vice President Dick Cheney, former President George H. W. Bush, NPR’s Nina Totenberg, the late Senator Ted Kennedy, Alistair Cooke, former Senator Trent Lott, and many others.

Based on many days of conversations, the Senator offers up the human side of events that we have only known as headlines, including clips from the Fiscal Responsibility Committee, which he and Erskine Bowles co-chaired at the request of President Obama.

Visit the local Alan K. Simpson website for more information on this and other related programs.