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 Main Street, Wyoming: Wyoming Honor Flight

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Main Street, Wyoming: Wyoming Honor Flight

John Feraud with his P47Honor Flight, Wyoming brings World War II veterans from Wyoming to the Washington DC Memorial built in their honor. In the Fall of 2010, Greg and Debbie Hammons with Cloud Peak Productions traveled with the veterans to capture the journey for Wyoming PBS viewers.

The two day adventure entailed flying 106 veterans and 41 volunteers to Washington DC from Natrona County Airport. All along the route, volunteers honored the veterans for their sacrifices for our nation during the war. The veterans visit the newly completed World War II Memorial, along with the other landmark sites in the nation’s capital.

In addition to footage of the actual trip, the half-hour program includes revealing stories shared by veterans who served in the war. John Feraud of Worland enlisted just prior to Pearl Harbor and serviced airplanes as they followed the front across North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France, and Germany. George Grace of Buffalo piloted a B-17, flying over the southern Alps for his missions into Germany and Austria. Thomas “Bud” Currah of Shoshoni fought on a LCS, Landing Craft, Support in the Battle of Okinawa, where a kamikaze sank his ship.

This inspiring Main Street, Wyoming program celebrates the "Greatest Generation" and chronicles their contributions to America by showing Honor Flight, Wyoming's efforts to bring every Wyoming WWII veteran to the World War II Memorial in Washington DC.

About Honor Flight, Wyoming

On May 29, 2004, President George W. Bush dedicated the World War II Memorial to honor “the Greatest Generation”. Regrettably, very few of these veterans have the funds or physical stamina to complete a conventional trip to Washington, D.C. on their own to visit THEIR memorial.

A group of individuals including veterans and concerned citizens in Wyoming have formed Honor Flight Wyoming. Honor Flight Wyoming is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of raising funds and facilitating sponsored trips to Washington, D.C. so that World War II veterans can experience their memorials absolutely free of charge.

Honor Flight Wyoming is raising money to provide the transportation, meals and mobility. A specially trained group of escorts or “guardians” have donated their time and expenses to make this goal a reality. Trained medical personnel have also volunteered their time, efforts and travel expenses. It costs approximately $1100 to send just one of “the ordinary people that saved the world” to Washington, D.C.

Honor Flight Wyoming’s inaugural flight to Washington, D.C. was May 19-20, 2009. According to the VA, Wyoming has more than 5,000 living WW II Veterans.

2010 Wyoming Honor Flight Photos

MSW Honor Flight Wyoming WWII Honor Flight
George Grace John Feraud