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Montana PBS to the Rescue

Montana PBS to the Rescue

Friday, November 4, 2011

Montana PBS to the Rescue
Wyoming PBS General Manager, Ruby Calvert, is thankful to announce that Montana PBS has agreed to provide PBS program service to Optimum’s cable subscribers in Jackson until Wyoming PBS service can be restored. The recent flurry of winter storms has resulted in Wyoming PBS experiencing a failure in the microwave path that provides service into the Jackson Hole area. Site access and the need to acquire replacement equipment have prolonged the outage resulting in the loss of any PBS program service to viewers. In a commendable show of cooperation, Wyoming PBS, Optimum and Montana PBS have crafted a plan to restore a PBS program service. Optimum, with permission from both Wyoming and Montana PBS, will temporarily down link the Montana PBS satellite service until Wyoming PBS engineers can restore microwave service into the Jackson Hole area.

This stop gap measure will not restore service to over the air viewers who get their signal from the mountain top translators that serve the Jackson Hole area. Wyoming PBS is hopeful that it will have the necessary parts and access problems resolved early next week and be able to restore a Wyoming PBS signal to both over the air and cable viewers in the Jackson area.

Ruby Calvert, Wyoming PBS’ General Manager, said, “We want to express our thanks to Optimum and Montana PBS for their efforts to provide our faithful PBS viewers with an alternate program service until we can restore the Wyoming PBS feed. We would also like to express our regret to our viewers for this inconvenience and our commitment to pursue options which will increase the quality and reliability of our service.”