The 2010 Wind River Music Showcase is presented by Wyoming PBS
Wyoming PBS is committed to producing the music series because it fulfills an important aspect of their mission - to provide a “cultural resource dedicated to enriching the lives of Wyoming people through telecommunications and other related services.”  The Wind River Music Showcase will bring Wyoming music to viewers who might never have the opportunity to hear and see that music in person.


Wyoming Arts Council

Virginia Moore - Producer

Virginia MooreVirginia Moore graduated from the University of Virginia in 2007.   She promptly moved to Wyoming where she began an internship with Wyoming PBS based in Riverton.   She now works for the station full-time as an Associate Producer.

Virginia has independently produced several shows for Wyoming PBS including an episode of Wyoming Perspectives featuring First Lady Nancy Freudenthal, an episode of Wyoming Performances featuring the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra, and an episode of Wyoming Chronicle about the late Governor Cliff Hansen.   She also produces the Wyoming PBS Pledge Drives.

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