Michael Hurwitz and the Aimless Drifters

Michael HurwitzInitially, Mike was influenced by the country and cowboy music he heard growing up in rural Wyoming.   His Mother turned him on to the Southern country blues and jazz from her Mississippi home.   Then years on the road, picking with anyone and everyone, and Mike absorbed many of the regional styles played in the different parts of the country through which he traveled.   He sings in a deep, rich baritone, with a relaxed, blues influenced country style that is all his own.   Mike is a songwriter of uncommon ability.   He can be lowdown and lonesome or funny and irreverent, but always the songs come through as well crafted, honest, and interesting.   With Tom Broderick on the pedal steel, and Jerry Linn on the Bass, Mike Hurwitz’s long time band, “The Aimless Drifters” share his unique vision of country-blues and cowboy music.

  • Michael Huwitz- Lead Vocals, guitar
  • Tom Broderick- Pedal Steel
  • Jerry Linn- Bass

For more information please visit: http://www.mikehurwitz.com/

"Hurwitz’s dusky baritone resonates with the sounds of mountains he's pondered, horses he's wrangled, and the land he's traveled.   He's the real deal" -- Meredith Ochs - NPR music critic, writer Rolling Stone, musician, and radio personality.

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