Doug Andrews

Doug AndrewsDoug Andrews is a 21st-century incarnation of a 12th-century idea- that of the wandering musician.   He was born and raised in Sheridan, Wyoming, with the Bighorn Mountains gleaming to the west, but was drawn to travel and explore. These days, he often spends time in Vienna, Austria, which offers every kind of music from classical to jazz, but always returns to Wyoming, the home he can’t get out of his system.

A talented and thoughtful songwriter, Doug delivers his music in a rich baritone accented with the blues, and accompanies his songs with expert guitar playing.   His lyrics depend heavily on two beliefs:  the universality of both the power of music and the power of now, embodied in the lyrics of his song "Right Now."  He's performed around Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain region for several years, releasing his first CD, Absaraka Runoff in the spring of 2008.  A self-produced album of eight original songs, Absaraka Runoff was recorded during two months of snow-bound isolation in a cabin on the T Bar T Ranch at the foot of the Bighorns.

“Andrews carved out this minimal guy-and-guitar eight-track disc entirely on his own. The result is reminiscent of a stripped-down James Taylor… the quality that Andrews puts forth is undeniable.” -- Justin Shady, “The Blarg” at (

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